LEAP Expo 2020: Key Words Released

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LEAP Expo - South China International Advanced Electronics, Automation and Laser Expo - has closed successfully in Shenzhen in October 2019. With the presentation of smart factories in the 5G era, intelligent manufacturing, laser processing solutions and machine vision technology used in different industries, the leaping-forward development of LEAP Expo has once again become the focus of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

After the first two sessions, the LEAP Expo came up with a satisfactory score: more than 400 exhibitors and nearly 19,000 visitors. Though a long road lies ahead, the accumulation of two years has already established the image of LEAP Expo among the manufacturers and customers in South China, and it has gained much popularity and attention. On November 3-5, 2020, LEAP Expo will move to the newly completed Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With a new leap forward, further integration of resources, and a new upgrade, it creates a platform covering the entire industry chain of intelligent manufacturing and innovative electronics. Recently, the keyword of LEAP Expo 2020 is officially released.

Key Word of 2020: ‘Mu (the first character of Munich’s Chinese name)’
Mr. Stephen Lu, Chief Operating Officer of Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd., introduced why “Mu” is chosen as the keyword of LEAP Expo. ‘LEAP Expo’ has two connotations. Firstly, it represents a leap of Messe München from Shanghai to Shenzhen in building an intelligent manufacturing and electronics innovation platform for the entire industry chain. Secondly, LEAP is the abbreviation of the first 4 member exhibitions: L (Laser World of Photonics), E (electronica), A (automatica) and P (productronica). As LEAP Expo moves to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, it will be expanded again and incorporate electronica South China. LEAP Expo 2020 will for the first time present a large-scale exhibition of the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing and electronics innovation, including semiconductor technology, electronic parts and components, systems, advanced manufacturing, assembly, automation and laser technology. The year 2020 will also be the first year when the concept of ‘Mu’ is truly implemented in South China. Therefore, we chose ‘Mu’ as the keyword of LEAP Expo 2020.

 ‘MU’: We Have a Common Name
Since electronica was successfully held for the first time in Munich, Germany in 1964, the high-tech exhibition portfolio of Messe München has grown fast, along with the rapid progress of the German and European economies. productronica, Laser World of PHOTONICS, automatica and other high-tech exhibitions were successively held in Germany and ranked among the forefront of global exhibitions. In the 21st century, with the completion of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, a joint-venture investment and construction project of Messe München, its high-tech exhibitions have accelerated its globalization. With its long history and rich resources, electronica entered the fast-growing China in 2002 as the first try of the group.

The name ‘Mu Zhan’ started with electronica China. It was originally a nickname used by the media, exhibitors and visitors because of their love of the exhibition. Since then, as other Messe München high-tech exhibitions and partner exhibitions concerning semiconductors, electronic production equipment, laser technology, automation and machine vision join in, ‘Shanghai Mu Zhan’ gradually became the preferred exhibitions of intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation in Asia. Each year, more than 3,000 companies, with a total exhibition space of 200,000 square meters, and over 300,000 professional visitors take part in ‘Shanghai Mu Zhan’.

‘Mu Zhan’ are always at the center of the industry. Integrating multiple exhibitions and embracing the future of science and technology, our exhibitions create a platform for the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation. With their resources in different industries, ‘Mu Zhan’ provide high-quality, high-yield exhibitions, and guides the development of cutting-edge technology and industry in the future.

New Leaps, New Integrations, New Upgrades: ‘Mu Zhan’ makes new glories
To reap the benefits of the continuous development of the manufacturing and electronic information industries in South China, LEAP Expo was held for the first time in 2018. productronica South China, Laser South China and Automation & EMA Shenzhen became the front runners in the South China market. Immediately after them, VisionChina, the youngest partner of ‘Mu Zhan’, also joined the Shenzhen family, and was a great success. After two years of development, the ‘Shenzhen Mu Zhan’ has become a new partner of industry leaders with its professional and efficient exhibition services, comprehensive and effective visitor recruitment, and innovative and high-quality solutions. They also make an important platform for them to acquire new customers in the South China market. ‘Have you attended Shenzhen Mu Zhan?’ has become a high-frequency greeting in the industry.
As China accelerates the implementation of the Intelligent Manufacturing strategy, such as the ‘Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’ and the ‘Belt and Road Initiatives’, an important base of advanced manufacturing, innovation and R&D, South China is continuously accelerating its industrial transformation and upgrading. With the rapid development of the manufacturing technology and industry in the region, the visitors from South China are no longer satisfied with exhibitions that only provide trade opportunities or information of a single industry domain. Exhibitions that integrate the upstream and downstream of an industry and cover popular and cutting-edge topics are increasingly favoured by customers.

The follow-up upgrade of LEAP Expo 2020 comes right at the time with an integrated exhibition of 9 modules: automation and robotics technology, intelligent electronic manufacturing solutions, electronic components, systems and solutions, wiring harness processing and connection, dispensing equipment and materials, laser processing, advanced light sources, core machine vision components and accessories, and smart factory solutions. While creating a platform covering the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing and electronics innovation, LEAP Expo 2020 also brings customers a one-stop exhibition of high-quality products, technologies, and innovative solutions.

The integration of electronica South China in 2020 will be a strong complement. The exhibition focuses on smart mobility, smart factories, and smart living, covering cutting-edge technologies and products in integrated circuits, sensors, power semiconductors, embedded systems, power supplies, test and measurement, passive devices, PCBs, connectors and switches, and wire harness cables.

LEAP Expo 2020 will be fully upgraded with a synergy of five exhibitions covering semiconductor, electronic parts and components, systems and advanced manufacturing, assembly, automation and laser technology. The concept of ‘Mu Zhan’ has taken shape: a platform for the entire industry chain of intelligent manufacturing and electronics innovation. More than 800 well-known companies in the industry are expected. The multi-scenario, multi-line exhibition format will help exhibitors present cutting-edge technologies, new products and solutions in a better way. The exhibition will set up an efficient platform and create a one-stop experience for exhibitors and visitors for technical exchange, product trade, and communication.

Hundreds of boats are racing, those who try their best will outperform. In the South China market where opportunities and challenges coexist, the ‘Mu Zhan’ team will continue to work hard and move forward for new LEAPs every year!

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
The South China market has become the core base of China's high-end electronic product manufacturing industry. The sales value of Guangdong alone accounts for one-third of China's entire electronics and information industry market. Strong manufacturing power is the pillar of Guangdong Province’s superb capability. Leading Chinese and foreign manufacturers such as Foxconn, Toyota, BYD, Huawei, TCL, Gree, Konka are all here. There are 537 intelligent manufacturing industrial parks in China, distributed in 27 provinces and cities, while Guangdong Province ranks the top with 59 parks.

LEAP Expo 2020 will move to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center located in the New Aerotropolis, Bao'an District. It is at the intersection of the Baytop of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Pearl River Delta Center, the Guangdong Free Trade Zone, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong core development corridor, and the Guangdong east-west development corridor. It is also close to electronic manufacturing industrial parks such as South China Science and Technology Industrial Park, South China Transportation Electronics Industrial Park, Guangzhou Electronics Industrial Park, and Jiangmen South China Optoelectronics Industrial Park. The exhibition hall is spacious and equipped with comprehensive equipment. Its advantageous location and transportation will offer more convenience for the exhibitors and visitors. It provides an experience of ‘the exhibition is at doorstep’

LEAP Expo 2020 is open for pre-registration now. We look forward to working with you and draw a bright future of intelligent manufacturing and electronics innovation.