LEAP Expo 2019: Inspire Shenzhen with incredible highlights!

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LEAP Expo, the South China International Advanced Electronics, Automation and Laser Expo, opened today at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is upgraded again and consists of important member exhibitions - Automation & EMA, productronica South China, Laser South China – as well as the partner show: VisionChina (ShenZhen).

The four-exhibition synergy represents the entire intelligent electronic manufacturing industry chain, bringing a valuable, convenient and hopeful journey to the visitors. The exhibition was crowded with professional visitors from the automotive, industrial manufacturing, communications systems, medicine, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, power supply, new energy, aerospace, rail transportation and other application industries. The crowded exhibition halls, the support forums packed with industry KOLs and experts, and the endless stream of visitors and business talks made up a dazzling scene on the first day of LEAP Expo 2019.

Chapter 01

Innovation and Integration in Joined Hands, We Build a Better LEAP Expo

On October 10, the first day of LEAP Expo 2019, government and industry leaders, including Ms. He Zhimei, Director of the Service and Trade Division of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ms. Xu Jia, CEO of Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd., Mr. Stephen Lu, Chief Operating Officer of Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd. Mr. Xitian Sun, Chairman of China International Trade Promotion Council - Machinery Industry Branch, Mr. Tang Xiahui, Standing Member of Laser Processing Committee of China Optical Society, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ms. Xiao Qian, Vice President of Asia-Pacific Operations of IPC-International Electronics Industry Federation, Mr. Ding Shaohua, Vice Chairman of the China Machine Vision Union, Mr. Wang Yong, President of Shenzhen Terminal Electronics Manufacturing Industry Association, and more than 100 business and media representatives attended the opening ceremony. With joint hands, the industry presented technological innovations and integrations for a new upgrade of LEAP Expo!

Chapter 02

Four Exhibitions, Six Modules, Leading Exhibitors with Selected Solutions

LEAP Expo presented products and technologies in six modules: automation and robotics, intelligent solutions for electronic manufacturing, wiring harness processing and connection, dispensing and injection equipment and materials, advanced laser and processing applications, machine vision and applications. Driven by the commercialization of 5G technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other new technologies, a lot of brands are launching new products and cutting-edge technologies that bring more customized and valuable solutions to downstream user companies. They include FUJI, Mycronic, ERSA, Kohyoung, Viscom, Rehm, SMT, Visco, Hollysys, Taeha Hydraulics, Intervos, Deprag, Axxon, JAM, SOLTEC, Hiprecise, Hebi THB, Junquan, BOZWANG, Airstorm, HRT, Linquan, Yingang, SIASUN, HRG, Hexagon, Shenyang GM, Shenyang General Robots, Hangzhou IPlusBot, Lianfeng, Senyang, Manly Robot, Brady, Testron, Standard Robots, Rokae, Lianjue Transmission, Taozi, Jinggong Bearing, HG, Hans’, TRUMPF, Fanuc, Precitec, Taide, Inte Laser, United Winners, Yifei, Marposs, Penta Laser, Chiwin, Prima, Wuxi Lead, Raycus, Huaray, JPT, Max Photonics, JENOPTIK, Inngu, Logan,Everbright Photonics, Bellin, Friendess, Jena, Dimplex, OPTO, FLIR, Allied Vision, Teledyne Lumenera, LMI, CCS, Euresys, Inspiraz, OZRAY , HIKRobot, Lingyun, Daheng, Canrill, Vistek, Wordop, Sanrui Automation, and Bozhon Precision. The exhibitors had fruitful talks with the visitors at their booths during the exhibition.

High-end Production Demo Lines Show the Advantages of Smart Factory in the 5G Era

With high-end production demo lines, LEAP Expo introduces a salt of dynamics and one of the most important highlights on the first day of the exhibition. The Smart Factory Innovation Area brings together a series of advanced production lines that exhibits the advantages of smart factories in the 5G era: the upgraded IPC CFX Demo Line, which integrates visualization with big data; Smart Process Flow, which offers integrated solution and information system; the Mycronic Smart Hybrid Line, which releases multiple new products; the SMT Demo Line from Puke Technologies, which offers high-end high-reliability solutions; the D&M Intelligence Smart Factory Demo Line combines black light factory, C2M production, intelligent logistics and digital analysis platform.

Digital twins, Unmanned Factories and Automation Solutions Reveal the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

A Smart Manufacturing Area was set up to bring together well-known brands in the industry and present advanced automation solutions. A fully automated production line that combines digital twin technology with unmanned factories was unveiled and attracted many visitors. The line integrates different machines and multiple processes and suits for small-batch production. At the AGV SHOW, where new AGV products, technical lectures, and live demonstrations were offered, the visitors acquired new knowledge while had an entirely new experience of intelligent manufacturing.

New Laser Processing Technology and Solutions Empower Manufacturing Enterprises in South China

Laser South China, a member of LEAP Expo 2019, focuses on advanced light sources, precision manufacturing, processing services, and intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition presents the integrated development of laser and precision processing, machine vision, and laser and automated manufacturing, with a special focus on laser precision welding, laser precision welding, cutting, punching, marking, surface treatment, laser cleaning, etc., and offers cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the electronics, semiconductor, communications, new energy, mobile phones, medicine, home appliances, and touch screen industries.

Vision Plus X, New Experience Across Disciplines

The VisionChina (ShenZhen), which was held along with LEAP Expo, incorporates a Vision Plus X concept. It presents cameras, industrial lenses, image processing systems, machine vision integration, peripheral products and accessories, as well as machine visions applications in electronics, flat panel display, automobile, battery, printing, robotics, semiconductor, packaging, food/beverage, general parts, manufacturing, glass, medical equipment, textiles, etc., enhances the intelligent upgrade and makes another focus of the exhibition.

Chapter 03

Fruitful Conference and Competitions, Insightful Experts and Industry Leaders

On the first day of LEAP Expo 2019, nearly 15 conferences were held, including the 2019 International Symposium of Intelligent Automotive Manufacturing and Advanced Automotive Electronics (Shenzhen), Shenzhen International Wire Harnessing and Connector Technology Forum, EM Innovation Award-Winning Product Exhibition and Promotion Conference, Laser Safety Training Courses, International Advanced Laser Innovative Technology Forum, Forum on Photoelectron Industry Development under the 5G Background, Laser Application Promotion Conference, "Smart +" Industrial Development Summit and China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference. Leading experts gathered at the conferences to the address the important insight into current status and future development of the industry. The meeting was full of useful knowledge and was well received by the visitors. In addition, The Cable Harness Assembly Competition & IPC HSRC Manual Welding and Rework Competition also kicked off on the first day and skillful technicians competed for the championship.

Chapter 04

Over 100 Visiting Groups, Face-to-Face Talks, One-Stop Trade Experience

Based on the deep-rooted reputation and rich resources of Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd., LEAP Expo 2019 formed partnership with industry associations, media and related industry organizations, and recruited over 100 visitor groups from a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and others. The tailored face-to-face business matching service provided by the organizer was especially popular. The organizer also invited decision-makers with purchase intentions and set up trade talks with exhibitors to create business and purchase order opportunities.