Six Production Lines Reveals the High-end Smart Factory in the 5G Era

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Six Production Lines Reveals the High-end Smart Factory in the 5G Era

LEAP Expo will build six production demo lines on site to display the high-end smart factory in the 5G era at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on October 10-12. Visitors will fully experience the integration of visualization and big data, the high-end production lines that are highly intelligent, hybrid and reliable, the overall solution integrating a dark factory and a digital analytics platform, and the dynamic demonstration of the digital twin technology and the fully automatic factory. The major production lines gather around selected exhibitors, covering consumer electronics and security, military and aerospace, smart phones and automotive electronics among other application fields.

Smart Factory Process

Key Words: Overall Solution, Informationizied system

With the whole procedure covering from the intelligent warehousing pattern to the automatic production line under the central system, it showcases the exact coordination and cooperation among the informationized system (Manufacturing Execution System/Warehouse Management System), intelligent warehouses, production equipment, intelligent logistics and distribution, producers and operators. As a result, the visitors will be shown an overall solution featuring electronic manufacturing and smart factories. Given that the system will save the procedural data, it helps the users track the quality, thus further improving the overall procedures and process.

IPC CFX Demo Line

Key Words: Visualization, Big Data

IPC CFX Demo Line will be upgraded, and the IPC-CFX-2591-based data exchange standard for connected factories will be visualized and displayed on the spot. During the productronica South China 2019, IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries will join hands with several brand enterprises to provide solutions with greater advantages and the more complete end-to-end architecture, displaying the successful applications of industrial big data. Exhibitors involved into the production lines are going to demonstrate the information transmission on the basis of IPC CFX standards. On the one hand, the transmission is enabled by CFX standards, when the equipment allows for the visual display of the operational data. On the other hand, in the surroundings around the specific equipment, other equipment on the production line will access the CFX data, thus creating the visual display of the

Mycronic Highly Intelligent and Hybrid Production Line

Key Words: Highly Intelligent, Highly Hybrid, Launch of New Products

Mycronic will exhibit the MYPro series, including solder paste printer, a new type of surface mount systems, 3D SPI, 3D AOI, and the intelligent component warehouse as well as a new type of printing platform, all of which are the excellent mixing lines in the industry and are capable of meeting the requirements of any high-quality production. Besides, it also shows that Mycronic offers solutions in accordance with factories of various capacities, thus able to achieve the solution compatibility of the whole product line. More importantly, LEAP Expo will witness the launching of new products of MY300 EX and a new type of printing platform.

Puke Technologies SMT Model Production Lines

Key Words: 5G, Highly reliable, High-end Production Lines

Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd. joins hands with Puke Technologies to continue to display the highly reliable SMT production lines in the 5G era during LEAP Expo 2019. AS the well-known supplier in the electronic manufacturing industry, Puke Technologies collaborates with Ersa, Viscom, Koh Young, Fuji and KNE among other partners to showcase the cutting-edge manufacturing and testing technologies. The model production line will be the favourable solution for 5G, automotive electronics, new energy, aerospace, military, medical, high-end communications, rail transit, high-end independent R&D enterprises among others.

D&M Intelligence --- Smart Factory Overall Solution

Key Words: Dark Factory, C2M, Intelligent Logistics, Digital Analytics Platform

D&M Intelligence exhibits the overall solution of smart factories to LEAP Expo 2019. Set against the production in the field of consumer electronics, the solution integrates intelligent equipment, intelligent software, intelligent storage, intelligent logistics, and intelligent algorithms among other excellent resources. Relying on the actual cases to make personalized and tailor-made production, the solution fully shows the strengths of the overall solution of smart factories of D&M Intelligence.

Multi-process mixed full-automatic production line

Key Words: Digital Twin, Dynamic Linking, Fully-automatic Factory

The production line is the fully enclosed and automatic, featuring autonomous identification. Using AGV, long-arm six-axis manipulator and CCD among other equipment, it makes the full use of AGV to transport material in an orderly manner, thus fully utilizing the unmanned production space. Meanwhile, the three types of products can witness the uniform operation and consistent transport during production among mixing lines. On the spot are the digital twin and dynamic display – three-dimensional visual and digital factories. Given the production factors including personnel, equipment, material, procedures and environment, the smart factories will see the collection of production data, the full monitoring management of factory production, analysis of production data via AI technologies, which facilitates the production management and enhances the operation efficiency of factories.