Why Exhibit

1.Cover the whole supply chain of electronics intelligent manufacturing, opening up the cooperation between upstream and downstream

2.A new display of Multi-Scene and Multi-Production Lines to help exhibitors to better show a full range of solutions

3.Build 8,000 square meters smart factory and promote new trends of the electronic intelligent manufacturing in South China

4.Face new customers and new business opportunities, covering annual purchase orders in the filed of customer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, wire harness processing, etc.

5.Customized match-making for buyers, owning exclusive opportunity to meet with 45,000 buyers

Booth application:

LEAP Expo offers booths of various sizes and configurations for you to choose from.

Exhibition process:

1. Contact us to obtain an application form for exhibiting;

2. Check the payment notice and confirmation letter from the organizer in time;

3. Pay the exhibition booth fee in time as shown on the payment notice;

4. Confirm the booth location with the sales;

5. Check the notice of exhibition from the organizer in time;

6. According to the notice of entering the museum, report in time (collect the exhibitor badge on site).

We are happy to answer your questions about the exhibition and recommend a cost-effective solution.

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